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We take the mystery out of the mortgage lending process.

We provide personal, hands-on service from start to finish. With a variety of mortgage products, our experienced and knowledgeable team is able to offer the perfect solution for you.

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Our Team

Emily Flaherty

E: emily@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.499.3240

Brian Flaherty
Owner/Senior Loan Officer

E: brian@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.580.9755
NMLS # 298979
License # LO.004329.000

Diana Kuiper
Operations Manager

E: diana@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.309.0352
NMLS # 299113
License # OM.005655.000

Scott Robinette
Loan Advisor

E: scott@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 740.513.5245

Jeff Harrison
Loan Officer

E: jeff.h@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.519.6504
NMLS # 279711
License # LO.003599.001

Mike Beckwith
Loan Officer

E: mike@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 440.812.3637
NMLS # 983750
License # LO.034525.001

Sabrina Metzger
Loan Officer

E: sabrina@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.635.2518
NMLS # 248498
License # LO.035478.000

Mark Giordano
Loan Officer

E: mark@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.378.3344
NMLS # 975539
License # LO.042181.000

Kitsy Burt
Loan Officer

E: kitsy@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.436.0455
NMLS # 230669
License # LO.000.4421

Melissa Adams
Loan Officer

E: loanpro5000@gmail.com
C: 614.989.4812
NMLS # 249481
License # LO.02437.000

Jason Saliba
Loan Officer

E: jason@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 216.402.4466
NMLS # 1815470

Ben Jacoby
Loan Officer

E: ben@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: (419)410-6639
NMLS # 1475227

Lori Cotton
Loan Officer

E: lori@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.374.5657
NMLS # 140939
License # LO.05371.002

Dale Kontul
Loan Officer

E: dale@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.902.0023
NMLS # 270588
License # LO.015047.000

Tonya Lanning

E: tonya@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 740.438.9838

Ohio Capital Mortgage

E: brian@ohiocapitalmortgage.com
C: 614.891.9000
NMLS # 293676
License # MB.803353.000

Why Ohio Capital Mortgage?

We are dedicated to making the lives of our customers better by providing a hands-on, personalized mortgage lending process.

Our Values

Columbus Office

2531 Tiller Lane, Suite B
Columbus, OH 43231

P: 614.891.9000
C: 614.580.9755
F: 614.474.5635

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